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The Incredible Story Of Shark Attack Survivor Jimmy Napeahi
"Ulu Boi" shares his Big Island shark attack story
Mad Huey Almost Gets Munched
Shaun Hazza has a close call with a tiger shark off Snapper Rocks
NorCal Surfer Attacked By Great White Shark
45-year Jay Scrivner survives attack, credits thick board
Football Player Bit By Shark In Florida
The unlucky kid hadn't been to the beach in two years
Big Island Surfer Bit By Shark
Big Island surfer Jimmy Ulualoha Napeahi bit on the legs while surfing a spot called...
Surfer Tangles With Shark During ESA Contest
The incident happened during the S.C. Governor’s Cup of Surfing, a...
90 Sharks To Be Killed Off Reunion Island
Shark expert calls it “an archaic, knee-jerk reaction”
15-Year Old Snorkeler Killed By Shark
Teenage girl killed by shark mere yards off Reunion Island
Shark Bites 63-Year Old Surf Instructor
Surf instructor bit while giving a lesson in North Carolina
Fake Shark Attack Sign In Santa Cruz
That’s one way to keep kooks out of the lineup…
Man Killed By Shark While Surfing Reunion Island
Attack marks the third death in the last two years
Shark Attack Survivor Visit Boston Amputees
Mike Coots spreads hope at Boston area hospital
True Stories: Scott Stephens’ Great White Shark Attack
A harrowing account of surviving a great white shark attack
Jamaican Free Diver Killed By Shark
Our condolences go out to family and friends of George Facey
Shark Kills Kiwi Swimmer
Husband and father Adam Strange dies after being attacked by shark
Friend Recalls Big Island Shark Attack
Paul Santos' friend recalls a harrowing tiger shark attack
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