As good as it gets on the Gold Coast
Cyclone Lusi parks itself off the Gold Coast, perfect surf follows
Good times on the Goldy with the Hurley team
JJF vs Kolohe, kickin it with Carissa, and perfect points!
Save Kirra From A Cruise Ship Terminal!
Make your voice heard: No cruise ship terminal at Kirra!
Extreme Tow Ins With The Mad Hueys
Tinny tow that's extreme!
Mad Masters Of The GoPro
The Mad Hueys have mastered the use of GoPro cameras
As Good As It Gets At Kirra
One of the best waves on the planet going looney for an all-star cast
Killer Kirra Caught On A Red Epic Cam
Kirra as good as it gets
Kirra Fires For The Post Contest Crowd
Kelly, Kerr, Dingo, Fanning, Steph, Bede and a hungry pack of locals get so pitted
Roxy Pro Gold Coast: Day 3 Highlights
The semifinalists are decided in draining Kirra barrels
Oakley Surf Team Does The Harlem Shake
Seabass leads the ceremonies at team BBQ
Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Day 1 Highlights
Rainbow Bay plays host to day 1 of the Quik Pro Gold Coast
Roxy Pro Gold Coast: Day 2 Highlights
Carissa Moore leads the field at Rainbow Bay on day 2 of the Roxy Pro
Luke Hynd In Sweet 16
Aussie Luke Hynd blowing up on his last few days as a 16-year old
Mad Hueys Going Berserk On The Goldy
Killer follow cam and GoPro angles with the loosest crew in Oz
Mad Hueys: Brenno And Pinny Going Mad
Brent Dorrington and his mate Pinny going mad at Duranbah
Dave Rastovich Wins The Burleigh Single Fin Festival
Rasta smokes the field in a rare return to competitive surfing