Jay Christenson @ T st.
Jay freesurfing T st. Monday May 20th
jay Christenson SD
Jay Christenson SD
Jay Christenson SD
Jay Christenson
Jay Christenson
Punting Creek
Jay C ~ Salt Creek
Jay C ~ Salt Creek
Jay Christenson busting loose @ Creek 4/13
Surfing America Prime HB
9TH Place finish at HB SA Prime Event
Behind The Scenes At Diamond Glassing
Next time you see a dude with foam dust in his hair and shoes covered in resin,...
Monday Mailbag: Reader Questions Answered
Leash or no leash, how to remove a stripped fin screw, to pee or not to pee,...
Monday Mailbag: Your Questions Answered
Why girls don't surf as good as boys, a pissed of New Jersey surfer, and free...