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Cote’s Cube with Damien Hobgood and Steve Sherman
Sherm and Damo share their Drug Aware Pro picks
Cote’s Cube: Broke Da Mouth Poke Festival
Chris Coté, Joel Tudor, and Christian Hosoi at the I Love Poke Festival
Kelly Slater Talks Volcom Fiji Pro
The Champ speaks from the lovely shores of Tavarua Resort on Fiji
Cote’s Cube Meets SPL Waterhousings
A behind the scenes look at how your favorite photos come to fruition
Cote’s Cube: Eat Poke, Break Da Mouth
Chris Coté gets a culinary lesson in the art of poke
Cote’s Cube With Lakey Peterson And Her Boobs
Chris joins the Keep-A-Breast movement; encounters breasts
Cote’s Cube With Corey Glover From Living Colour
Coté with the guy who rocked a Body Glove wetsuit on MTV
Cote’s Cube At The Banzai Skate Park
The Sector 9 surf team takes over the Banzai Skate Park on the North Shore
Cote’s Cube At The 25th Anniversary Of North Shore The Movie
Turtle, Chandler and the gang at the La Paloma
Cote’s Cube Attacked By Sea Monster!
Warning: graphic content, may not suitable for all viewers
Cote’s Cube At The Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Chris Coté leads a fun-filled tour of the beach at the Rip Curl Pro...
Matt Meola On Cote’s Cube
TWS' Chris Coté sits down with one of the world's most explosive surfers
Cote’s Cube With Author Jesse Aizesntat
Cote's Cube gets the scoop on tear gas and a blossoming surf scene
Surfing Dogs On Cote’s Cube
Chris Coté pays a visit to the Helen Woodward Animal Center Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon
Cote’s Cube With The Fletcher’s Part 2
"People feared this board at Lowers!"—Christian Fletcher
Cote’s Cube With The Fletcher’s Part 1
Catching up with the legendary Herbie Fletcher at Astrodeck
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