Pete Devries In Raw Canada
With more bears on the beach than people in the water, Pete has found paradise
Pete Devries Wins Rip Curl Pro Tofino
Tofino's own wins the Canadian championship
Sitka Signs Canada’s Nico Manos
Eastern Canada ripper/photog Nico Manos signs with Sitka
Orcas Invade British Columbia Lineup
Killer whales in the lineup near Tofino, BC.
Orca Chases Surfers Out Of Water In Canada
Tofino surfers get a scare when orcas invade the lineup
Timmy Reyes In Canada Eh
Coldwater ripping courtesy of Timmy Reyes
Five Flick Friday 12/21
The first day of winter kicks off with the best cold water surfing on the web
Eastern Canada Hurricane Surf Photo Gallery
Canadian pro surfer/photog Nico Manos shares his special part of the world
Nixon Weird Board Contest In Tofino, BC
Nixon gets weird way up north in Canada
The Isle With Matt Meola And Albee Layer
The Isle heads to Canada eh?
Surfer Bitten By A “Shark” In British Colombia
Something fishy is going on up in Tofino eh...
Adrift In Eastern Canada
Alek Parker, Cory Lopez, and Canadian ripper Nico Manos freeze their buns off as they score...
Insta Gold 5-24
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Surf Exploration In Eastern Canada
Besides having a killer mullet, Canada's Nico Manos has the inside scoop on the best...
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Quiksilver Cypher Film Challenge
Quiksilver sent three teams of surfer from the US, Latin America, and Canada to one of...