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GoPro POV master Mikala Jones
It wasn't always this easy to get barreled with Mikala
John John Florence And The Air Heard ‘Round The World
A look back at JJF's 'biggest air ever in competition'
Surfing For Change: Indonesian Trash Tubes
Bali is a little island with a big problem—it's drowning in trash.
Masters Of Indo Through The GoPro Lens
What better canvas than the perfect surf of Indonesia?
John John Florence In ‘Again’
John John drops another amazing edit, this one from Fiji and Bali
Flight To The Flats: Bali Leftovers
John John, D. Graves, Balaram, and Chippa shred their way across Bali
Mega Semadhi Wins Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang
Local boy wins an international tube shootout
Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang Expression Session
Christian Fletcher ollies over a human after getting barreled
Josh Kerr Wins Chippa Wilson’s ‘Flight To The Flats’ Air Contest
Watch the final video from Bali here
Chippa Wilson In Bali And Beyond
Chippa takes his high flying act to Bali and nearby islands on his first major Fox trip
Josh Kerr’s Flight To The Flats Alley Oop
Kerrzy talks Alley Oops and The Flight To The Flats finale
Following The Hurley Team Through Bali
With half the tour on Hurley it makes for a great clip!
Oakley Pro Bali: The Official TWS Recap
A serious look back at Bali. Seriously funny that is...
Joel Parkinson Wins The Oakley Pro Bali
Parko adjusts to changing conditions; wins his first event of 2013
Oakley Pro Bali: Massive Scores At Keramas
Perfect 10s rain from the sky as Oakley Pro Bali quarterfinalists are set
Keramas Fires For Round 3 Of Oakley Pro Bali
Parko lights up Keramas; John John takes out Seabass
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