Futures | Winter 2013 Board Buyers Guide

John John Florence | Photo by Dorsey


Jordy Smith
Large: h:4.73,
b:4.77, a:16.12
Medium: h:4.54,
b:4.59, a:14.85
Small: h:4.40,
b:4.45, a:13.98
Jordy’s signature template is now available for all size surfers. Look for the new small and medium size sets this spring.
Twiggy Gun
Side: h:4.72, b:4.79, a:16.00
Center: h:4.87,
b:4.94, a:17.00
The Twiggy Gun has been a popular custom thruster for our big-wave riders for years and is now readily available for everyone.
Stamps Quad
Front: h:4.46,
b:4.45, a:14.84
Rear: h:4.04, b:3.76, a:11.56
Tim Stamps’ Quad is becoming a popular performance setup for use in your favorite quad or 5-Fin board.
Seaworthy Quad
Front: h:4.50,
b:5.13, a:18.19
Rear: h:4.43, b:3.89, a:10.95
For all those skatey wide tail quads out there, the new Mayhem Seaworthy set is sure to become your new favorite set.
Clay Marzo 5-Fin
Front: h:4.56,
b:4.49, a:14.36
Rear :h:3.84, b:3.86, a:10.54
Center: h:4.56,
b:4.49, a:14.36
More from the mind of Clay Marzo. The CM2 is now available in a 5-Fin for those days where extra drive is going to be the difference.

Front: h:4.65,
b:4.50, a:15.45
Rear: h:4.22, b:4.21, a:12.75
Center: h:4.65,
b:4.50, a:15.45
The ever-popular MB2 has been reborn with a new graphic and a complimentary set of quad
rears. The MB2 5-Fin is going to stoke you out!