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1. Beaker
Dimensions: Length: 5’2” – 6’4” Width: 18 1/2” – 22” Thickness: 2 1/4” – 3”
Tail: Subtle double bump squash, Diamond

Bottoms: Slight single to double concave
Description: The Beaker is categorized in our small wave line but still performs like a legitimate high performance board. While generating speed easy it still maintains control in the pocket. This board is ridden 2”-3” shorter and 3/4”- 1” wider than your standard shortboard.
2. Nucleus
Dimensions: Length: 5’2” – 6’6” Width: 18 1/2” – 22” Thickness: 2 1/4” – 3”
Tail: Single fluted winged swallow
Bottoms: Slight Single to Double Concave with Vee off the Tail
Description: By far the easiest paddler in the Chemistry board line. Extra with in the nose through the midpoint allows The Nucleus to be one of the easiest boards to get into waves and maintain speed down the line. Its tail is a single fluted winged swallow, which holds into the wave extremely well during rail-to-rail transitions.
3. Alchemist Remix
Dimensions: Length: 5’2” – 6’4” Width: 18 1/2” – 22” Thickness: 2 1/4” – 3”
Tail: Single Wing Swallow
Bottoms: Single to Slight Double Concave
Description: We took our proven Alchemist design and gave it a high performance face-lift. By narrowing the nose and giving it a short board rocker it helps the board perform better vertically in the pocket. You can stay relatively close to your standard short board dimensions – 1”- 2” shorter and 1/2” – 3/4” wider.
4. Benzene
Dimensions: Length: 5’8” – 6’3” Width: 17 3/4” – 19 1/4” Thickness: 2” – 2 3/4”
Tail: Rounded squash, thumb, squash, swallow
Bottoms: Single Concave
Description: The Benzene is equipped with a completely new rocker designed through a year of R&D. The nose rocker is a smooth, subtle entry for faster paddling and all around board speed while the tail rocker has a bit more lift, which provides an amazing amount of pivot off the bottom.
5. Ether
Dimensions: Length: Length: 5’4” – 6’4” Width: 17 3/4” – 20” Thickness: 2 1/8” – 3”
Tail: Swallow
Bottoms: Single Concave
Description: New for 2012, designed with a mellow entry rocker for maximum planing speed that feeds into a very extended tail rocker. With 3/8” more tail rocker than any of our other models, this board excels in the pocket and is lighting fast rail to rail. Equipped with a swallow tail, you will get the full amount of rail line in your desired length.
6. TwinFin
Dimensions: Length: 5’0” – 6’2” Width: 18 1/2” – 22” Thickness: 2” – 3”
Tail: Winged Thumb, Winged Swallow, Winged Squash squash, Diamond
Bottoms: Deep Double Barrel Vee
Description: With all the recent hype on the modern single fin, we decided to take it to the “next level” of performance with our version of the Twin Fin. We took an old curvy 80s template that is a single wing thumb tail mixed with a pulled in nose. A deep vee bottom was added to simulate the feeling of a small center fin.