I heart Oside
Is this YOU??? Bullshit Mentawai 2007 Sequence
Captured in the Mentawai Islands in early 2007 surfing Bank Voults...
The Hives on the Daily Habit
Here’s a shot of the Hives during a taping of The Daily Habit on FuelTV. Slater was...
Kelly Slater & The Hives
I was lucky enough to attend the filming of a upcoming FuelTV show with Kelly Slater with...
Closed out Bay 2005
This was my first day on the North Shore in 2005. The wave close to the point is where you usually...
Blacks going off
This is a shot of perfect blacks. My friend Grey in the lip pulled into the next one.
Koa Smith Pig Hunter
Kauai grom Koa Smith can add “Trophy Game Hunter” to his ever-growing list of...
Coldwater Classic
unidentified surfer, 2nd day heats, O’Neills Coldwater Classic, Santa Cruz
Small Day in Ocean Shores Washington
My Name is Lyle McCrackin. I’m 25 years old I’ve been surfing for 7...
Patagonia Surf Shop Cardiff: GUN SHOW
Fresh Water Surf!
November 11th surfing on Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan.
Santa Cruz Lighthouse Session
Sunset at Santa Cruz, California Photo:Dan Guetter
Santa Cruz Lighthouse Session
11-9-08 Santa Cruz, California photo: Dan Guetter