Body boarder
salt creek water shot
hand loose bro
water shot
say aaah
cutback at the creek
Salt Creek Barrel
foggy day
local hottie at salt creek
mike purpus
hb pier with the katins comming up I though I would dig up an old shot from back in 1972 I took
Chris Cote Regency Crew Revival
Chris getting crazy.
Go Pro on the Tail Photos Take 2
Justin- I am throwing down the glove. Go Pro Off. You pick the place and time. Its on!
Monster Tube Aguadila, PR 01-03-09
yes, he made it all the way!
indicators & the valley
CBot And The Paperwork
CBot And The Paperwork Live In Oceanside!!! January 15th @ The Royal Dive
Rocky Point
Sorry to blatantly self promote, but hey, why not? Rocky Point in early December. Thanks to Rusty for...
Somewhere in Central America.
RootBeer Barrel!!!
Vince pumps down the line in Oceanside
The other option for the Go Pro is as a regular camera. Be careful it SINKS!
Go Pro on the Tail
Got my first shot at the go pro camera. It was like one foot, but lots of potential!
happy B-day to me
56th st. newps on a b-day stick
so. side HB
thanx honey, she works.
Chris Cote Pulls in Ponto Firestorm 2006
I had the chance to surf with brothers Cote during the best day at Ponto ever!!!
No going back now… Water temp 38 degrees – Air temp 16 degrees – Wind 25-30 knots....
Sam Garder getting ready to take the plunge off the break wall at McClain State Park in Houghton,...
North Shore Girls
Ran into these two while on surf check at Pipe…
Heyy Will you vote for my Bikini Contest: I need votes. Thanks -Kimmi