Freshwater Floater, Lake Michigan Style!
Tom Ward founder of floats over a good lefty on Lake...
Not The Ocean Either!
Lake Superior lefthander, Will Wall in December of 2008. Photo by Bob Tema of The Lake Superior...
Bill Lemmons Memorial Contest In Indiana!
Surfing Lake Michigan before the contest, surfer me. Photo by Mike Killion of...
After Winter Surfin Ice Pic!
Some times we can get some serious ice build up after a couple hours of surfin. Me after...
The Next Step Out Of The Lake!
Winter surfing in 2007.
Getting Out Of The Cold!
You have to be a little hardy to surf on these cold lakes. Me getting out of the cold Lake...
ESA Contest At The Wave Pool In The Wisconsin Dells At Mt. Olympus!
Me surfin the wave pool in the summer of 2007.
Freshwater Pipeline, Lake Michigan!
Lake Michigan Pipeline firing, photo by Burton.
Lake Michigan Pipeline!
Somewhere up at the top of Lake Michigan in the U.P of Michigan. Photo by me
Kolohe With A Woody
Another reason to hate on Kolohe Andino…damn that kid!
Beach To Brewery Beer And Music Fest Saturday May 9
If you’re gonna be in the Pacific Beach area, make sure to...
Hammock on St. Pete Beach
Freights Bay Barbados
Boosy’s Surf School. Teacher demonstrating for his student! Practicing what i...
Saw this in Seattle. Thought you might like.
Pic of the Week at
The Breast Of Both Worlds Art And Music Breast Cancer Fudraiser
The Breast of Both Worlds where art and music collide to...
JUNO PIER AIR SHOT NOV 21, 09 step 3
Nov 21, 09 JUNO PIER, FL
Nov 21, 09 JUNO PIER, FL
Deerfield Bch, FL 2/4/09
Completed right at Sebastian Inlet 3/28/09
Pink Bikini at Sebastian Inlet 3/28/09