Press Releases

Searching For Surf On The Great Lakes
Freshwater surfing in the Great Lakes
30 Years Of Vans Triple Crown
Randy Rarick talks about the origins of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing
Joan Duru’s 2012 Highlight Reel
The ripping Frenchman lighting it up last year
A Medley Of Mayhem
Full on shredfest with boards shaped by Matt Biolos
Peter Mel Wins At Mavericks | GoPro Edit
Mel's GoPro rider point of view at the Mavericks Invitational
Kepa Acero Surfing With Penguins In Antarctica
Surfing in Antarctica? Yes, you read that right.
Chippa’s Unemployed Tour Part 2
Chippa Wilson and friends on an unemployed Cali road trip
Boat Catches Air Over Big Set Wave
It amazes us how stupid some people can be
Big Tubes In The City By The Bay
Looks like the Mavericks Invitational should have been held a bit further north
Kolohe Andino On The Lost Sub-Scorcher II
Kolohe killing T-Street on the new ...Lost model
Nat Young Gearing Up For The WCT
Santa Cruz's Nat Young looks like he's ready for battle in the big leagues
Jordy Smith’s 2012 Highlight Reel
Jordy Smith blazing through South Africa, France, and SoCal
Granger Larsen Blowing Up On Maui
Great rail work, tube riding, and killer follow cam with Maui's finest
Flynn Novak’s 2012 Indonesia HIghlight Reel
The lanky North Shore goofyfoot on his annual sojourn to Indonesia
The Best Of 2012 With Marc Lacomare
Ripping Frenchman blowing up around the world in 2012
Abyss: The Creed McTaggart Movie Trailer
West Oz's Creed McTaggart is hot shit right about now
Ice Cold And Tubular In New Jersey
December highlights from the dirty Jerz
Ripping Rip Curl Rats
Rip Curl's Noah Wegrich, Colin Deveze, and Taylor Clark blazing a trail through California
Welcome Back: Winter In Los Angeles
Mid winter ripping in Los Angeles with Matt Pagan and friends
Chippa’s California Unemployment Tour
Chippa Wilson and friends leave the OC after getting the ax
Get To Know Noah Beschen
12-year old North Shore supergrom Noah Beschen rip clip
Mason Ho Rock Dodging At Rockpiles
Mason and his pal Cheeseburger surf Rockpiles—an aptly named spot on the North Shore
Shane Dorian On The Wave Of His Life
Shane Dorian breaks down the best wave he's ever stroked into
Dusty Payne At Honolua Bay
Dusty Payne owning Honolua Bay on the island of Maui
Ricardo Dos Santos’ Double Spitter At Pipe
Second reef roll in leads to an amazing barrel
Yago Dora Joins The Backflip Party
16-year old Yago Dora pulls a backflip at blown out Rocky Point
Shark Diving With Mark Healey
Amazing imagery from GoPro athletes Roberta Mancino and Mark Healey
Jaws Through The Eyes Of Alex Gray
How dudes survive some of these wipeouts is beyond us