Traction Pads - 2009

X-Trak: The Dread (ICON Series)
XM: Ventilator Traction Pad
Sticky Bumps: Cube Tour Series Traction
Sticky Bumps: Power Tour Series Traction
Pro-Lite: Micah Byrne Signature Pad
Pro-Lite: Dean Morrison Signature Pad
O&E: Anthony Walsh Pro Model
O&E: Troy Brooks Pro Model
O&E: Bobby Martinez Pro Model
OAM: Torrey Meister Pad
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OAM: Bede Durbidge Pad
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Komunity Project: Kelly Slater Signature Model
Komunity Project: Magnum Martinez Signature Model
Komunity Project: Luke Davis Signature Model
Gorilla: Ace Buchan Model
Gorilla: Kai Otton Model
Gorilla: Brian Conley Model
FCS: T-2 Traction Pad
FCS: T-1 Traction Pad
Famous: Riot Squad by Kalani David
Famous: Eco Timmy Curran Pro Model
Destination Surf: Mikala Jones Traction Pad
Destination Surf: Nate Tyler Traction Pad
Dakine: Jordy Smith Pro Pad
Dakine: Bruce Irons Pro Pad
Dakine: Andy Irons Pro Pad
Creatures Of Leisure: Koa Smith Signature Model