Surfboard Science

Putting The Firewire “Rapidfire” To The Test At Uluwatu
Taking advantage of the perks of the job, I test drove a...
Surfboard Science: Short And Fat Is Good
Matt Biolos of ...Lost Surfboards And George Gall from Plus One Surfboards...
Firewire Demo In Oceanside Pits Man Versus Closeouts
Firewire’s are some of the most high tech and advanced surfboards...
Surfboard Science For Dummies: Quads 101
A few years ago, Hawaiian pro surfer Mikala Jones turned me onto the joys of...
Kelly Slater’s Pipe Masters Winning “Deep Six” Board Explained
On the heels of Kelly’s victory at...
Surf Science: Foam For The Planet
Say hello to environmentally conscious foam.
Surf Science: Adjustable Fin Setups
If you’re still scared of going quad, there’s a solution.
Surf Science: Dings And Things
What’s worse than breaking a board? Fixing it.
Surf Science: Heat Waves
A New Wetsuit That Electronically Warms The Core
Surf Science: What’s In A Deck?
Adjust the volume.
Surf Science: Tow Technology
Measuring Today’s Big-Wave Boards
Surf Science: Threes Company
The Triad Quiver For Every Man
Surf Science: Too Short?
A New Era Of Shrinking Shortboards
Surf Science: Going Batty?
The rebirth of the bat tail quad.
Surf Science: Modern Mechanics Of Boardmaking
Shaping Machines Are Here To Stay.
Surf Science: Flex Theory
Why “Flex” Is The New Buzzword In Surfboards
Chemistry Surfboards Presents “Board Science”
Surf Science: The Art Of Wax
How does that sticky stuff on the deck of your board really work?
Surf Science: The Basics Of EPS Foam
It’s more than just a mysterious acronym.
Surf Science: Chasing Tail
What do the last few inches of your board actually do?
Surfboard Science
M10's fish/shortboard hybrid glides through flat spots but still turns tight.
Surfboard Science – Santa Cruz Archy Model
When I first got one of these epoxy boards I was kind of like, 'this is...
Surfboard Science-Proctor
Pushing The Limits -Todd Proctor wants to make a smaller, lighter, stronger surfboard, and...
Surfboard Science
Beschen's Best Board
Surf Science – More To Love
Stretch's FF quad model does everything a tri-fin can, but better.
Surfboard Science – Sharp Eye
Tall Surfers, Unite! Sharp Eye's SBT Model is well suited for six-foot-plusers.
Surf Science: Original Fish
Kane Garden's late-70s-style fish is like a longboard for the pocket.
Surfboard Science -T&C
The W2 - Glenn Pang's Town & Country round pin is perfect for Hawai'ian juice.