Your bros bad breath. Example: Dude! Your breath is foul. Do you have halibrosis?

Hans Brolo
Your bro who rips and surfs by himself. Example: Have you seen Garth lately? He thinks hes Hans Brolo–hes surfing Newps by himself.

happy bro lucky
The bro whos always stoked. Example: Pats so happy bro lucky he walks around like hes drugs.

A bro who used to be cool, but isnt anymore. Example: Aaron used to be such a bro, but now hes just a hasbro.

Hawaii Five-bro
your Hawaii bro who thinks he runs things on the mainland. Example: Jim pulled a Hawaii Five-bro move at 38th Avenue the other day when he tried telling Big Homer to paddle in.

your bro who is both a bro and a broette. Example: I knew Bert was a bro. I didnt know he was a hermaphbrodite.

hide and bro seek
a game your bro asks chicks to play with him. Example: Hey, little lady. How bout we go back to my house for some hide and bro seek?

A bro who dresses like a hobo. Example: Wash your clothes, man. You look like a hobro.

discrimination against bros. Example: Dude, Melissas parents wont let me date her cause Im such a bro theyre being totally hobrophobic.

Hootie And The Brofish
A surfer and his bros who hoot nonstop in the lineup. Example: Damn, Charlie just got tubed and his bros are super stoked.Cant you hear the Hootie And The Brofish?

Houston Astbro
A bro from Texas. Example: Bingos my Houston Astbro hes a Texan.

the bro who says hes a bro, but really isnt. Example: Last night me and Jeff were broing down at the bar, and this morning he snaked me what a hybrocrite!

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