A bro whos always contagious and gets others sick. Example: Stay the hell away from me, Chris. You gave me the flu last time youre an ebrola.

When a bros broishness slowly fades away. Example: Dude, Josh used to totally stoke me out. Now Im just bored around him I think its ebrosion.

when a bro gets emotional. Example: I know I dinged your board, bro, but its no reason for you to get ebrotional!

Edgar Allen Bro
A bro who thinks hes a famous author. Example: Dude, Checky keeps writing those lame columns like hes Edgar Allen Bro or something.

A bro who looks super young. Example: My friend Dirt looks so young we call him embrybro.

Encyclopedia Brotanica
The bro who knows it all when it comes to surfing. Example: I didnt know who the 1976 World Champ was, so I referenced Peter, my Encyclopedia Brotanica, and he knew.

A bro from Europe. Example: My Welsh bro Skin is a total Eurbropean he gave me the wave of the day at Newquay last summer.

Evander Brolyfield
your bro who fights a lot. Example: Anytime Micah gets snaked he gets into a fight he thinks hes Evander Brolyfield.

When a bro gets a shot in the mag. Example: TransWorlds number one when it comes to exbrosure.

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