David Browie
Your friend who thinks hes glam rock, Example: Whats up with Blairs hair, its all styled like hes David Browie or something.

A bro whos super desperate when it comes to the ladies. Example: Its easy to tell Freds a desperadbro by the way he stares at all the chicks at the Saloon.

the bro whos a bro around the world. Example: Every WCT tour stop Presso stops at, he has tons of bros. He likes to practice dibromacy.

An Aussie bro whos always scavenging. Example: Mate, tell Wally to quit using me boards I cant stand that dingbro.

Double Bro Seven
your bro whos super secretive. Example: Frankie left the party and nobody knew I think hes Double Bro Seven.

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