The bro who does everything his bros say. Example: Whenever I want to know what the waves are like, I ask my C3Pbro to check them out.

When a wetsuit pulls your nutsack into something that resembles a camels toe. Example: Dont look at my nuts, man. I got camelbro!

The bro who exercises a lot. Example: Joels a total cardibro he surfs, he jogs, and he loves to play soccer.

Your big, hairy bro who yells a lot and protects you. Example: I can snake anyone when my bro Johns out hes my Chewbrocca.

Christopher Brolumbus
A bro who travels around the world looking for new breaks. Example: Sage thinks he just found a new point break called Spenglers hes like Christopher Brolumbus.

When someones confined to a small area with too many bros. Example: I was totally in an elevator at the trade show when a bunch of bros crammed me in and I started feeling closterbrobic.

Getting snaked in the Islands. Example: Brah! Wot, you paddle out and take off on me? Wot, you a cobrah?

A guy whos a friend and an industry bro. Example: Dude, Hefners my bro, but he also works at Billabong hes my combro.

computer brogrammer
Bros who spread the bro word through computers. Example: Tim created a virtual tube ride on his computer hes like a full-on computer brogrammer.

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