tae kwon bro
Self-defense method used by bros. Example: Go ahead, dude, I know tae kwon bro. Come one step farther and Ill slash you with my under-the-lip tubular kick. tail shred to me, bro.

The greatest bro on Earth
the bro who surfs like hes in a circus. Oh, no! The greatest bro on Earths juggling on his longboard in front of those chicks again.

those in the bro
Bros who know whats going on. Example: Dude, where the parties at tonight? Better call those in the bro.

your bro from Japan. Example: My friend Mio is so cool hes my Tokybro.

Tom Brokaw
your bro whos up on all the news. Example: My friend Jim just told me that Saddam Hussein is a f–ker. He’s such a Tom Brokaw.

touch and bro
When bros play naughty games with each other. Example: Instead of playing hide the salami, Chris played touch and bro with Brendan.

Your bro who gets really dressed up. Example: Checky was wearing a tie to work yesterdaywhat a tuxedbro.

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