best in bro
Awarded to the bro who gets the one girl in a party full of bros. Example: Josh won best in bro last night and ended up at Jennys house.

Bilbro Baggins
Your bro whos obssesed with The Lord Of The Rings. Example: Jakes seen The Twin Towers eight times. Hes such a Bilbro Baggins.

The guy who thinks he knows everything. Example: Jimmy was over last night telling everyone the Padres are going to win the World Series this year. Hes such a brahphet.

Bro and Luke Duke
A couple of Southern bros who are related in some way. Example: Look, the Gilligans are wearing matching Hawaiian shirts and skidding out in the parking lot again. They’re like Bro and Luke Duke.

bro and tell
When a bro gets out of the water and starts bragging about the tube he just got. Example: Dude, I got some bro and tell for you! I took like a full-on late drop, so I just did this radical bottom turn, set my inside rail, and got spit out of this gnarly barrel in front of this dude Eric.

Bro Derek
The super-hot chick who only hangs out with bros. Example: Tammys way too hot to be hanging with those bros, shes a total Bro Derek.

Bro Emerton
When Beau Emerton becomes your bro. Example: I met Beau Emerton at the Red Bull house, now I just call him Bro Emerton.

bro in the dark
The bro whos never tan. Example: Justin needs to take his shirt off and get a tanif he doesnt hell bro in the dark.

bro it all
The bro who knows it all. Example: Willies a total bro it all-he thinks knows everything about surfing.

Bro Jack
An alarm system your bros girlfriend uses to find him. Example: Dude, Chris was supposed to be at work, but Marie activated her Bro Jack and found him partying at the Saloon.

Bro Jackson
The bro whos good at everything. Example: Josh beat me in a heat yesterday and golf today. Hes good at everything like Bro Jackson.

Bro Jay Simpson
The bro who gets away with murder. Example: Dude, I totally snaked that big local and didnt get beat up. I feel like Bro Jay Simpson.

bro job
When a mag runs a photo just to make a company happy. Example: Dudes, according to our ad guy Bob, its time for a bro job. He says we have to run that photo of Brendan or else Shred Stix will pull out.

Bro vs. Wade
Bros who dont use protection for sex. Example: Dude, nobodys got a condom here and this chick is totally digging me, guess Im gonna have to be Bro vs. Wade.

A contest for bros only. Example: Hey, bro. Lets get all the bros together and have a bro-am.

Your lawyer bro who surfs and gives free legal advice. Example: Dude, I got in a fight with the lifeguards, and my lawyer bro Matt Miller saw it all. Hes says hell represent me bro-bono.

A super good bro. Example: Dude, Mikes more than just my bro, hes my bro-bro.

a bro who gets things done. Example: Gus is such a bro-getter. He cleans his house, washes his dogs, and eats breakfast all before the morning seshie.

A chick who only hooks up with your bros. Example: Dude, Wednesday night Virginia was hooking up with my bro Sage, and Thursday she was clutching onto my other bro Casey. Then, last night I went to Club Pluto and saw her trying to pick up on my best-bro Josh shes such a bro-ho!

Just another bro. Example: Hey! Whats up, bro-ski?

Bro-ski and Hutch
A bro and his sidekick whos always hanging with him. Example: Hey, look! Here comes Bro-ski and Hutch.

Bro-stin Howell The Third
A bro whos super rich. Example: Dude, take us out to lunch.We all know youre a Bro-stin Howell The Third.

Hang-out time with the bros. Example: Tell the chicks to go home, its bro-time.

broa constrictor
A bro who likes to hug other bros. Example: Dude, Chris cant stop hugging me. I think hes a broa constrictor.

A bro whos super hyper. Example: Brett surfs everyday, all day-hes super broactive.

broad block
When a bro blocks another from getting a chick. Example: I was totally getting ready to kiss Stacie when Pete asked if I still had monoa total broad block.

Broakland Raider
Your bro from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area who always surfs your break. Example: Bro, Casey keeps surfing my break everyday. What is he, an Broakland Raider or something?

An Aussie bro you never see. Example: Mate, have you seen Clayto anywhere? I cant locate himhes hiding like a broala.

The local bar all the bros hang out at. Example: I went to Yogis Friday night and there were so many bros I thought it was a broasis.

When a bunch of bros sit around and roast each other. Example: Bro, that wasnt an irie tree barrel, that was a bogus bush slam! Dude, Im gonna broast you for sure tonight.

Broba Fett
Your bro who hunts down chicks. Example: Mikes in Broba Fett mode-look at the way hes hunting down Melissa.

The slow spread of bros around the world. Example: My brobalization plan is moving ahead now that my bro Jesse lives in Chile.

permission from a girlfriend or wife to escape the brorrectional facility and hang with the bros. Example: Word on the streets has it Will did all his chores and the warden put him on brobationlets go out tonight.

A bro who never leaves his house because his parents or girlfriend wont let him. Example: Dude, Chris can never go out. His girls always got him on brobation.

brobedience training
When bros learn things such as table manners. Example: Sorry, bro, my mom says I cant eat my burritos with my hands anymore. She says its part of brobedience training

Brobi Won Kenobi
A bro whos always in position for the peak. Example: Josh must be using the force like Brobi Won Kenobi-hes getting every set wave.

A short description of an ex bro who went off and got married. Example: We miss you Chris. We knew Marie was taking you from us so we wrote you this brobituary.

your bro who shows no emotion. Example: Jamess such a brobothe lost his dog and didnt even cry.

when your bro uses bro every chance he gets. Example: Bro, exclaimed Brandy. We were chilling with some bros from Laguna when some brodies drove by from Dana Point, and it was like one big bro-down.

A bros birthday, anniversary, or special event. Example: Hell yeah, today is the second anniversary of Joels first off-the-lip. Its a total broccasionlets party.

The bro who knows exactly when every swell is hitting and from where. Example: According to our broceanographer Mark, the next South Swell is reading eight feet at fifteen seconds at the offshore buoys dude, lets go to Newps!

The town where TransWorld SURF is based. Also a magnet for transplants who import their bros. Example: Im soo sick of Jacksonville;s flat surf. I think its time we moved to Broceanside with our bro Joey.

A bro who has the same system of getting ready to surf. Example: Coffee, poo, and stretch-thats Joshs brocedure every morning.

A bro who takes hours to pick you up to surf. Example: Whenever Doug says an hour it means two-hes such a brocrastinator.

The older, wiser bro whos always teaching younger bros a lesson. Example: Broda showed me how to use the force to do airs today.

A bro who looks like a rat. Example: Chris is 30 years old and still looks like a rat-hes a brodent.

a bro who relies on other bros. Example: Charlies totally brodependent he cant go surfing without one of his bros.

A bro that always hooks up with younger girls. Example: Chad is a professional lurker, he just cruises around lookin for young footage like a brodephile.

The veggies that bros eat. Example: Im only eating lettuce this week-strictly broduce.

A bro who works in Hollywood. Example: Garrett like a Hollywood broducer-he cant stop talking about the set hes working on.

The stupid poems about surfing that bros send us. Example: Please no more broems bros.

When bros dont like each other, but surf the same spot. Example: Uh oh, Jason and John are out at Southside together, theyre gonna have to broexist.

Naughty words used by a bro. Example: After Justin slammed he used a shitload of brofanity paddling back out.

A bro whos good enough to be pro. Example: Paul is so good and so bro-ish, hes a bro-fessional.

A bro who teaches other bros about surfing. Example: Dude, Lags is teaching all those chicks how to surf like hes a brofessor.

When a bro always says offensive things. Example: Heath told Damon he was fat, and Damon started to cryhes so broffensive sometimes!

The bro who chauffeurs other bros all the time. Example: Dude, that shred session wore me out. I cant drive in this condition I better call my broffeur.

A bro who knows a lot about surfing and being a bro. Example: Hey Charlie, youre broficient in wax knowledge, what temperature should I use?

When a bro is discriminated against for being a bro. Example: Dude, I think that cop was brofiling me he saw the boards on my Camaro and pulled me over.

Brogi Bear
The bro who always steals your lunch. Example: All I know is that I came in from my sesh and one of my bros was eating my lunch hes a total Brogi Bear.

Plans made by a bro. Example: According to the brogram, were irie tree skating at three.

A bro who hangs out with an artistic crowd. Example: Dude, Pascal and Brendan are getting artsy-fartsy with their artist friends theyre being total brohemians.

When a bro is forced out of being a bro. Example: Justin quit being a bro ever since brohibition began and they outlawed Irie Tree Skating on Neptune Street.

when you randomly run into one of your bros in a place you least expect it. Example: Talk about broincedence! I was getting totally tubed at Grinders in Indo when my bro Ratty paddled out and started yelling Id recognize that hoot anywhere.

broing pains
The bro who gets tired of being such a bro. Example: Bro, Andre must be going through broing pains. I saw him yesterday, and instead of giving me a shaka, he shook my hand.

broken-arm style
When someone surfs with their arm all broken. Example: Sage, tuck that arm in! You like you have a broken arm style.

A bro whos always trying to sell you something. Example: Dude, Jamey tried selling me his old boogie board again-hes such a broker.

your bro whos always snapping pictures. Example: I passed out at a party last night and Checky got a photo of me sleeping in my own puke hes such a brolaroid.

the bro whos super skinny. Example: My bro Joel is a typical brolemic he eats so much yet stays so skinny.

The bro who constantly touches other bros. Example: Sage, quite touching my no-no spot! Are you a brolester or something.

Your working class friends. Example: Marc and the rest of the broletariat went to Taco Bell for dinner.

a bro whos always on time. Example: Oh wow, man. I know its time to surf when I hear my brolex knocking on my door.

Cops that surf. Example: Uh oh, Officer Franks paddling over here cause I snaked that longboarder. He thinks hes the Brolice or something.

When after you come into some money, suddenly everyones your friend. Example: Ever since I won the lottery, my friends have broliferated.

When a bro has more than one chick. Example: Wow, I wish Casey would give me one of his chicks hes a total broligamist.

When a small group of bros run a break. Example: Jason, Josh, and Sage think they have a Broligarchy they told me to leave the pier yesterday, and now I cant rip there.

what your bro does to waves. Example: I dig watching my bro Willy surf. He rips so hard he practically broliterates the wave.

When two or more bros collaborate to create something. Example: Do you see that big airbrush scene of a wave on the side of my house? Dude, my bros Aaron and Dwayne did that it was a full-on brollaboration.

broller coaster
A bro who just pumps down the line and waves his arms. Example: Sages arms are waving down the line again hes a total broller coaster.

broller skater or brollerblader
A bro who likes to roller skate or fruitboot. Example: I was taking a walk down The Strand last night when I saw Swift brollerblading we never knew it, dude.

Romance between bros. Example: It looks like theres a little bit of bromance between Ryan and Matt.

bromancing the stone (Courtesy of J. Faris from San Diego)
The bro who only wears Volcom. Example: Brads bromancing the stone hes rocking Volcom from head to toe again.

Bromar Etcheverry
Your bro from Santa Cruz. Example: My bro from Santa Cruz said its cool to surf The Hookhes my Bromar Etcheverry.

Bromer Pyle
A bro who joins the Marines. Example: Duponts so stoked. He just got stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego and surfs every day like hes Bromer Pyle or something!

A bro who likes to play with fire. Example: Cheyne was playing bromethius when he lit his hair on fire.

a bro who doesnt wear underwear. Example: Id totally give Pete a wedgie, but I cant he only goes brommando.

brommunication skills
A bro who says all the cool bro words. Example: Dude, we were street shreddin one day after an irie session and we saw this full-on cement bank, so Shad and I pretended it was a super-gnarly peak just chillin waiting for my slash you know I just got totally radical on it. Hows that for some gnarly brommunication skills?

bromo box
What you send that sponsored bro. Example: Desi sent me a bromo box, and it had ten pairs of Adios in it hell yeah!

When one bro inherits bro traits from his dad. Example: Big Tim and Little Tim are such bros I bet they have bromosomes!

The bro who always pushes his club on you. Example: Sams a total bromoter. He keeps trying to get me to go to the Martini Ranch.

Bromuda Triangle
The place bros go when they are never seen again. Example: I never see my old bro Jim. Its like he went to the Bromuda Triangle.

Bronan The Barbarian
a bro who does super-hard slashes. Example: Dude, did you see the spray Hans threw on that last slash at Thalia Street hes like Bronan The Barbarian.

The bro whos always excited. Example: Cotes so frickin hyper, hes like a human broner.

Stinky bro gas. Example: Garretts bropane butt keeps stinking up the room.

A bro who throws his arms in circles when he surfs. Example: Hey Sage, turn the bropeller off next time you surf next to me I almost got hit.

When theres a bro in your contest heat. Example: Uh-oh, Justins in my next heat, and he says hes gonna rule me I hate surfing heats with a bropponent!

The oppression of bros. Example: Dude, the citys practicing bropressionthey said the bros cant party at the beach anymore.

when bros create dance. Example: My bro Scott went to dance class to learn broreography and came back with a new dance called the Puka Shell.

Brorillas In The Mist
Aggro bros that seem to come out of nowhere to control a lineup. Example: I paddled out at the Point stoked that the lineup was empty, but when I got out there the zoo crew appeared out of nowhere like Brorillas In The Mist.

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