San Dieggbro
your eggy bro from San Diego. Example: My friend Dave from Pacific Beach is always eggy, hes such a San Dieggbro.

San Franciscbro
Your bro who lives in San Francisco. Example: When Pete moves to San Francisco, hell become my first San Franciscbro.

Santa Barbro
A bro from Santa Barbara, California. Example: My friend Aaron is a Santa Barbro.

An Aussies American bro. Example: Mate, I know hes a seppo, but hes me bro hes me sepbro.

Shaquille BroNeill
Your bro whos really tall. Example: Whos that tall guy doing airs on the 68, he looks like Shaquille BroNeill.

Sonny Brono
A bro whos short. Example: This boards a five-six with a red, yellow, and green airbrush it must belong to Sonny Brono.

Your Mafia bros. Example: You know what happens if you take off on any of the Sopranbros you end up surfing in concrete shoes!

Two bros who always hang out and talk like each other at the same time. Example: Ryan and Matt are always together, theyre full-on sterebros.

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