When bros are forced to pay for other bros they live with. Example: Ever since my bro Marc stopped paying rent, Ive been paying his bills like its palibrony.

Pat BroConnell
your happy little bro friend. Example: After a sick little barrel, Watto got all Pat BroConnell and skipped all the way to his car.

A bro who pillages girls younger than him. Example: Sappo and I went to a party last night, and he ended up making out with some goonie. Hes such a pedbrophile.

Pillsbury Broboy
The bro whos overweight. Example: Dude, Cooper, quit eating those doughnuts. Youre starting to look like the Pillsbury Broboy!

pimp and bro party
when someone tries throw a theme party and the bros are the only ones to show. Example: This would be a cool pimp and ho party except for the fact theres no chicks here its a pimp and bro party!

the bro who lies a lot. Example: Checky is a full-on Pinocchibro. He told me he got a ten-second tube at the pier this morning.

police brotality
When cops abuse bros. Example: All I said was, Yeah, guy! to that cop, and the next thing I knew, he was beating me total police brotality.

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