M.V.B. (Most Valuable Bro)
The bro whos best at being a bro. Example: You can tell Steves an M.V.B. by the way he bends his pinky on a shaka.

macabroni and cheese
the meal of choice for bros. Example: Oh wow, man! I just finished a killer sesh, have the munchies, and no money left for dinner. I guess Im eating macabroni and cheese tonight.

Marilyn Monbro
a super-hot model whos also a bro. Example: Monicas a model and shes my bro. Wow, shes like Marilyn Monbro.


A bro who smokes way too many cigarettes. Example: Geez, man you stink! What are you, a marlbro?

A bro thats fat, as in overweight. Example: Mikes my one big friend, you know, the marshmellbro.

Mean Bro Green
The extra-large bro whos mean to everyone in the lineup. Example: Whys that big guy on the longboard groaning at me? Whos he think he is, Mean Bro Green?

a diet for bros. Example: Thanks to my Metabrolife plan, I stopped eating cheese nachos and only eat chips with guac now.

Diets for bros. Example: Yeah bro, Im been on the Metabrolife programa solid diet of Doritos and Zingers.

when a bro stays skinny no matter what he eats. Example: Anthonys metabrolism is so good he can eat a couple pastries every day and it never shows.

Describes bros from the city. Example: Matto just got back from NYChes looking so metbropolitan.

Miracle Bro
The bro who adds on more and more weight. Example: Is it me, or does it look like Blairs getting fatter? He must be eating Miracle Bro.

a bro who has mono. Example: I think Daves got mononuclebrosis cause hes been kissing too many girls and sleeps all the time.

Montreal Exbro
your bro who moved away to Canada. Dylans a total Montreal Exbro–he moved to Canada, and we havent seen him since.

Mop N Bro
When you have to clean up after a bunch of bros. Example: Those bros are so fking messy, I have to bust out a Mop N Bro.

Mount Brolympus
A ski resort where all the bros hang out. Example: Dude, Snow Summit got three inches last night, and all the bros are ripping its Mount Brolympus.

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