Invented in 1999 by Chris Cote from Transworld SURF Magazine, Broisms, started as a small column in the magazine called “Significant Surf Slang”. The original column featured all types of surf slang until Chris, along with the Transworld SURF staff started blending words or names that had the oh sound in the word and could be related to surf slang—for example, the word Romance was turned into the word Bromance: meaning, two bros who seem romantically linked because they’re always together like a couple. Since it’s conception, Broisms have become one of the most beloved parts of Transworld SURF and borrowed by Hollywood and popular media ad nauseum. While it may seem that there are no Broisms left, there are, in fact, every time a dude gets pitched trying to get tubed, a Broism is born.


Abrocrombie And Fitch
A preppie bro. Example: Dave went away to college and came back wearing a sweater around his neckhes like a total Abrocrombie And Fitch.

When bros make acronyms for broish things. Example: Dude, I say we go to Beacons for some SITTsuper irie tube time.

Your bro whos an African-American. Example: Did you see that guy who looks like Michael Jordan destroying Del Mar Jetties yesterday? Thats my Afbro-American friend Willie!

Love potion for bros. Example: Last week some girl gave me a drink, and I ended up kissing her that nightshe totally slipped me an afbrodesiac!

A bro who surfs with his arms spread out. Example: When Sage flies down the line with his arms out, he flies like an albrotross.

Figuring out the Hawaiian wave scale. Example: Wot, dat wave was bigga den a housemust be two ta tree feet. Use sum algebrah, kook.

Almond Broca
A bro who is super bronzed up. Example: I saw Rosey today, and he was so bronzed. Even in the wintertime, hes always an Almond Broca.

A bro who can throw a shaka with his left or right hand. Example: Jameys totally ambrodextroushe can surf switch and throw sick shakas with either hand. Hell yeah!

The study of old-school bros. Example: Dude, I enjoy studying Jameys super-shred, tree-barrel, skate styleits like anthbropology.

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