Surfing The Great Lakes, Oceans or the wave pool just stoked to be surfing an living life to the fullest.

Burton's Articles

Lake Superior In 2009!
Lake Superior!
Lake Superior Pumping!
Lake Superior On Fire!
Photo was shot by Bob Tema in December of 2008.
Lake Michigan Pipeline, Bring Your Helmet!
Freshwater Pipeline, photo shot by Rusty Malkemes
You Can’t Surf On A Lake, Lake Michigan Winter Of 2007 In Kenosha Wisconsin!
TW on a glassy freshwater dream wave....
Surfing In The Middle Of Winter!
Picture is me taken by Rusty Malkemes in the winter of 2007
Welcome To The Great Lakes!
Me getting out of the cold Lake Michigan. Photo by Tom Ward
Alden W Bottom Turns On Lake Superior In Canada!
Check out more at www.nosaltsurf. Happy Surfing The Great Lakes. Burton
Me Surfin Lake Superior On Saturday October the 3rd 2009, Lake Superior Dreaming!
This Photo was shot by Brian Stabinger.