Hey my name is Mo Lelii, i'm 18 years old and live on the Gulf coast of Florida. My set up is a Nikon D200 with a 70-300mm 28-80mm 10.5mm fisheye and an SPL water housing! Hope you like my shots!

Nekton surf shop manager Dustin Howard getting barreled at Playa Linda during Hurricane Betha, East coast of Florida
Brandon Fraley bottom turning!
How close is he really?
Brandon Fraley inches away from the camera!
Steve Kepler hit on the top on the gulf coast of Florida
Frontside air
Kyle Applefield boosting a frontside air in Florida
Gulf coast of Florida gets good sometimes!
My buddy Micah Weaver getting barreled! Aurasurf.com
Thank god i dont have hair!
Gulf coast of Florida hurricane Dolly!
Thank god i don’t have hair!
Down south gulfcoast of Florida, Hurricane Dolly 7/25/08