Brad Davies

My names Brad I was born and raised in Santa Cruz,CA I love to surf, Snowboard, ride BMX, but most of all I love to shoot photos even more. I find myself a much better photographer because of the sports that I am able to do. SO when it comes to catching that moment I feel I have a better idea what I'm looking to capture.

Brad's Articles

Zolise Squence
Zoltan \”The Magician\” Torkos
board-slide on a wave? I think SO!!!
Zoltan \”The Magician\” Torkos Floater
Zoltan \"The Magician\" Torkos with a sweet floater!
Zoltan \”The Magician\” Torkos quick slash
Zoltan \"The Magician\" Torkos with a quick and stylish om a mini...
Zoltan \”The Magician\” Torkos tweaked out grab
this is one of my most favorite photos I have of Zoli, he...
Zoltan \”The Magician\” Torkos
Zoltan \"The Magician\" Torkos and I have been working together to over the...