Burton H

Surfin the lakes, Oceans or the Wave pool, just stoked to be surfing and alive.

Burton's Articles

Lake Superior!
The best wave on The Great Lakes.
A Better Cold One!
Ice Floes and Cold Ones!
Welcome To The Great Lakes 2011!
Its been super cold out here in The Mid West Surfin on the lakes this time of year but...
U.P Lake Michigan 2008!
Lake Left 2008.
Thanksgiving Morning Lake Michigan Sheboygan Wisconsin!
Me surfing up in Sheboygan Wisconsin on Thanksgiving morning....
Lake Michigan 2010!
Freshwater floater surfing here in Racine Wisconsin and photo shot by Ryan Bigelow
Not The Ocean, Believe It Or Not!
Alden getting ready to surf one of the best lake lefts on one of The Great Lakes. From...
Lake Left Reeling!
Lake Left firing. Somewhere on Lake Michigan, photo shot by Tom Ward of Racine County.
Lake Dream Lefts!
Yes an you guessed right, No One Out for days.Picture was shot by Alden of Saint Marie Michigan in...
Freshwater Peak!
Another great wave on a Great Lake here in the Mid West. Photo shot by Burton on Saturday August the...
Great Lake Right!
From last weekends solo surf trip, somewhere on Lake Michigan. www.nosaltsurf.com. Burton
First King Salmon From Lake Michigan Today!
Well been surfing a few lately but it sure dose feel great to catch one of...
Lake Dreaming!
Probably better then the east coast this last weekend, www.nosaltsurf.com. Get out here Transworld Surf.