We challenged three teams of four surfers to conceptualize and produce a unique and creative photo submission, which appears in our November issue. They were also responsible for a short video submission, which you can enjoy below. The themes and ideas were up to them, and they were free to use any props, lighting, and equipment. The only rule was no Photoshop. Submissions were judged by the TransWorld SURF edit staff, as well as editors from TW SNOWboarding and TW SKATEboarding.

Body Glove won this year’s Imaginarium and scored the cover, but we want to hear from you. The team with the most votes will win this year’s Reader’s Choice award.

Which video do you like best? *
 Working Man’s Wave by Sanuk 
 Summer Of Darkness by VonZipper 
 The Disappearance by Body Glove 


Body Glove
Von Zipper


Body Glove – The Disappearance
Directed By: Greg Browning, Scott Smith, John DeTemple
Director Of Photography: Greg Browning
Surfers: Jamie O’Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray, Anthony Walsh

Body Glove – Photo Gallery
Photographed By: Brent Bielmann/SPL

Behind the Scenes
Photos and video of how Body Glove brought the monster to life.


Sanuk – The Working Man’s Wav
Sanuk – The Working Man’s Wave
Directed By: Joey Maiocco
Director Of Photography: Scott Nichols
Surfers: Matt Meola, Alek Parker, Albee Layer, Kilian Garland
Sanuk – Photo Gallery
Sanuk – Photo Gallery
Photographed By: Brian Bielmann
Sanuk - Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes
Photos, video, and tales from how the Sanuk crew melded cubicles, ripping surfing, and sand.


VonZipper – Summer of Darkness
Directed By: GT and Michael Muller
Video by: George Trimm
Original music by: Wake Up Lucid
Surfers: Jack Freestone, Luke Davis, Tanner Rozunko, and Christian Wach

VonZipper – Photo Gallery
Photographed By: Michael Muller

Behind the Scenes
How the acclaimed photographer Michael Muller and the VonZipper crew lit up the Pacific Ocean with 1,200 watts.