Air Wind? F—K Air Wind!

Pete Devries

Pete Devries at The Slab. Photo: Stafford/SPL

The Dark Side has a treasure of a wave, simply called “The Slab” to those in the know, or, “The Grassy Knoll” if your name is Shane Dorian. After studying the Morocco section in the Taylor Steele surf movie Sipping Jetstreams, our crew was chomping at the bit to get some waves at The Slab.

Despite the lack of it, the air wind seekers would not be let down. Apparently the only thing better than air wind is a thick, meaty slab that ends on dry reef. It wasn’t for the feint of heart or those who surf with their right foot forward. Mix in muddy feet and a red wine hangover and the office guy was not gathering clips by any means. Meanwhile, the guys who, you know, get paid to surf, were absolutely killing it. Conner and Peter Devries were particularly impressive on their frontside, weaving in and out of barrels, and escaping out the doggie door or punching out the back with ease. For our two goofies who were on their backside (Oliver and Parker), it was a bit tougher—but they proved worthy of their respective paychecks.

After few days of getting kegged at The Slab (where the crew didn’t mind an offshore wind), it was time to seek out Air Wind. A slight bump in the swell shut down The Slab but opened up a slew of new spots, including The Wedge. It was to be our next location to gather clips and hopefully get enough photos for a print article. In other words, get some work done!

Where’s the Air Wind?

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