The End Of An Era: RIP TW SURF

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Saying goodbye to TransWorld SURF magazine in true surfer style. Photo: Cole Ferguson

The End Of An Era: RIP TransWorld SURF Magazine

After 14 years of making surf magazines, TransWorld SURF magazine has been shut down. It was called a “financial decision” made by the new parent company after they purchased TransWorld Media two months ago. And while it’s a bummer, we relish in the fact that we had so much fun bringing you, our loyal readers, a monthly publication that hopefully put a smile on your face. That’s all we ever wanted—to put the fun back in surfing. Mission accomplished. Thanks for all the memories.

For subscription related questions, contact will continue to bring you up to the minute news from the world of surfing, and the Model Search will live on, so don’t completely write us off yet…

Chris Cote

TransWorld SURF’s Chris Coté rides one last wave for the magazine… Photo: Cole Ferguson

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