John John Florence Wins The New Era X Volcom Fiji Pro MVP Award

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John John Florence at Cloudbreak and on his way to the New Era MVP Award. Photo: Bielmann

John John Florence And Melbourne, Florida’s Sean Hamelin Win The New Era X Volcom Fiji Pro MVP Award

In a super close race with Volcom Fiji Pro Champion Kelly Slater, John John Florence has been voted by you—the fans—as the New Era X Volcom Fiji Pro MVP. “I’m so stoked to have! I want to thank New Era, Volcom, Fiji Airways and TransWorld for putting on the contest and all the fans out there that voted for me,” said an ecstatic John John when informed of his win this morning. For his win, John receives two round trip tickets to Fiji aboard Fiji Airways. “I’ll probably wait for a big swell to pop and go last minute,” he said when asked about when he’ll cash in his prize. “Can I do that?” Sure thing pal, you’re the MVP!

The obvious question is this: How did John beat out the winner of the contest, Kelly Slater? Here’s how it worked: John John made the MVP of the day list three out of the four days the Volcom Fiji Pro ran and racked up votes on all four days. And while Kelly had one of the most memorable final days ever, John John’s consistency throughout the entire event was just enough to get his past Slater.

And wait, it’s not over. Every fan who voted on our Facebook page was entered to win two roundtrip tickets (LAX to Fiji) to Fiji as well….

And the winner is (drum roll please) Mr. Sean Hamelin from Melbourne, Florida! So stoked for you Sean, maybe you and John John can go on the same big ass swell and he can give you a few pointers on how to surf 15-foot Cloudbreak! Thanks to all who participated in the New Era X Volcom Fiji Pro MVP Sweepstakes, we truly appreciate your support!

Vinaka to Volcom, Fiji Airways, and New Era for supporting this amazing giveaway!

New Era X Volcom Fiji Pro MVP Mr. John John Florence

New Era X Volcom Fiji Pro MVP Mr. John John Florence