Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-8

Sunset Skateboards Alien board w/ Flare LED Wheels
Like surfboards, one can never have too many skateboards. I have several and they all serve a particular purpose. My standard skateboard is for parks, street, ramps, and actual skateboarding. I have two cruiser boards for checking the waves, skating to the liquor store, or walking my dog. I have two old beater boards I let my kids play in the mud with, and now I have a bright transparent green board with wheels that glow as bright as a damn light saber! Night cruising just got an injection of radness! The board itself is high strength Polycarbonate and the wheels are 78a Poly-Urethane. The purpose of this board is to ride around at night tripping out watching the glowing wheels roll, man. Oh, and my kids think it’s the coolest skateboard ever.—CC

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