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Hershel Supply Co. X Stussy Aloha Collection Austin Board Sock Small and Sutton Duffle
Okay. I admit it, my aloha addiction is becoming a problem. My wife told me if I buy one more Hawaiian shirt or Hawaiian print product, she’s gonna leave me…well, I guess I’m gonna miss her cause I’m NEVER gonna stop the Aloha! Check out this new collab blend of bags by Hershel and Stussy. Yep, that’s an aloha print on a black duffel bag and a sick ass board sock. Yes, it’s awesome. Picture me walking through the airport with an aloha shirt, aloha bag, and aloha board sock (I’ll have to add some padding inside), doesn’t that picture make you happy! It makes me happy. Oh yeah, this is a limited edition collection and it’s already all over the cool gear blogs like and, so, get this aloha shit now while you still can!—Chris Coté
Board Sock $65, Duffle $88

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