Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 4-24

Aloha Series Rob Welsh Deck by Expedition One
In my quest to live all aloha all the time, I must seek and find all avenues of the aloha lifestyle. I skate at least once a day; therefore I go through a lot of skateboards. My current ride of choice for doing the four tricks I still know how to do is the Welsh Aloha board from Expedition One Skateboards. It’s 8.06 wide, has perfect concave, good length, and yeah, aloha graphics. I’m not gonna lie to you, graphics are still important to me, just like they were when I was a kid in the 80s buying decks at Mike McGill’s Skate Shop purely for the graphics and never for the shape (except that one time I got a Hosoi Hammerhead Mini). I also get boards from guys who are cool, and Rob Welsh is cool as f—k. He surfs, he likes Waylon Jennings, and one time he let me get a letter on him in a game of skate. So, yeah, if you still try kick flips and shit, try an Expedition One Aloha deck, good vibes, good wood.—CC

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