Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 4-24

Hurley Bikini
Mayan Stripe Bikini from Hurley
I’m a bikini expert. After years of research and study in the field I could easily get a job as a bikini consultant, and pick the perfect bikini for any and every body type. I’m passionate about bikinis, I love them. I actually get upset when I see a girl wearing a bad bikini. With that being said, I watched my wife getting out of the shower the other night (not creepy at all) and imagined her in the new Hurley Mayan Stripe Bandeau top and Mayan Stripe Aussie Tabside bottom, and she looked damn good. So ladies, if you need a bikini concierge, call me, I have many open appointments to tell you the perfect bikini for your body, actually all my appointments are open right now as I have no clients. But, it’s still early spring so I’m sure someone will call soon. Anyway, this Mayan Stripe bikini by Hurley is sexy, sold separately, and have all eyes on you at the beach this summer, in a good way, not a creepy way.—Chris Coté
Bottom: $37.00, Top: $45.00

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