Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 4-24

Santa Cruz Surfboards Ozzie Wright Model
Santa Cruz Ozzie Wright Model
5’4” x 19 3/4” x 2.38”
Designed by Chris Gallagher
Last weekend I tried this thing out in two to three foot mush, and it actually made the slop pretty fun. No big surprise that a short, wide board could do that, but this sled turned well, generated plenty of speed, and felt light and responsive. It’s also pretty girthy and is great for catching waves, which all makes for a great combo for a summer board. It’s got Santa Cruz’s Powerlyte construction, which they describe as giving the board “decreased weight, and increased flex.” I was stoked on the board, and looking at the southern California surf forecast (1-3 feet for the next week), I’ll be spending more quality time on it soon. But I’m also interested to see how it goes in a bit more juice and see if I can channel my inner Ozzie Wright.—Casey Koteen

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