Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 4-24

Pro Lite Comp Leash
Pro-Lite Super Comp 5.5’ Comp Leash
I don’t wear a leash often, but when I do it’s a comp leash. Here’s my theory; a 6’ comp leash eventually stretches out to like 7’ making it too long, and a 5’ leash is too short and doesn’t provide enough separation between you and your board. But 5.5’ is just right. It’ll eventually stretch to about 6’, which is the perfect length. And as far as comp leash versus regular leash, why would anyone want a thick leash when surfing waves under 6’? Worst-case scenario is your leash breaks and you take a swim. Do you want a big old rope dragging off the back of your board acting like an anchor? Just because you don’t surf in contests doesn’t mean you don’t need a comp leash.—JC

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