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Sticky Bumps Munkey Wax
I think wax may be one of the most overlooked parts of the overall surf kit. How many times have you grabbed a tiny chunk of who-knows-what off the bottom of the stairs at your local spot only to slip on your first wave? Happens to me all the time. And while surfers seem to think wax grows on trees and is therefore free, the stuff that connects us to our boards has a ton of science and engineering behind it. Take “Munkey” wax from our friends at Sticky Bumps. It’s 5X stickier than normal bars of wax, but not too sticky like the gooey stuff that has been going around and leaves a mess of your board and anything it comes into contact with. So the next time some schlep bums wax off you in the parking lot, tell the guy to pony up and buy some, he’ll thank you later.—Justin Coté
$15 for 6 bars

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