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James Coffee Co.
I don’t know if I’ve ever met a surfer who doesn’t love coffee. But there’s a difference between someone who loves coffee, and someone who LOVES coffee. I fall somewhere in the middle. I love myself some coffee, and I will go the extra mile to drink the good stuff and not settle for gas station shit or Starbucks sludge. I’m not opposed to spending a couple of extra bucks to get a really good cup of coffee, call me a snob or whatever, but I’m telling you, once you start drinking good coffee you’ll never go back. My friend David Kennedy has been hiding his passion for roasting coffee from me until a few months ago when he told me about his new coffee company called James Coffee Co. He walked me through the process and made me my first cup, it was an awakening—I am officially a coffee connoisseur! Made in small batches and marked with a “best by” date, James Coffee Co. will make you a believer. Support independent artists, and I can honestly say that this coffee is an art in itself.—CC
$15 (also available at UNIV in Encinitas)

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