Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 4-10

Beatnik Beach Woven by …Lost
When I first saw the …Lost line of aloha shirts, I immediately went on a search for Chris Ward to see if he could hook me up. Wardo knows I love anything aloha, and these new … Lost shirts are fully packed with aloha. I went to all the usual Wardo hotspots like Riviera Beach, Lowers, Mainland Mexico, West Oz, and the North Shore and I couldn’t find him anywhere. After an exhaustive online search, I found out that Wardo was doing an autograph signing in Hermosa Beach, California! I stood in line for twelve hours and when I got to the front, I realized that I didn’t have anything for him to sign, so I had him sign my chest, and then I got the signature tattooed, and Wardo hooked me up with a shirt—stoked! True story. Anyway, the … Lost line of aloha shirts is awesome, will someone please invite me to a BBQ so I can show up in my new Beatnik Beach aloha shirt? Please?—CC

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