Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 3-20

Mick Fanning’s “The Shelter” Sun Resistant Face Stick By Vertra
When you surf as much and as good as Mick Fanning and I, you need a sunblock that can keep up with how fast and radical you’re shredding. Mick and I have fair skin, we may be .001 percent ranga between us, and that means we get sunburnt very easily. Thankfully, Mick and I have bros at Vertra who hook us up with Shelter Sun Resistant Face Sticks. These sticks have no pigment, no scent, and are non greasy. What can I say, Mick and I rip and we’re not all sunburnt like a lot of other pros out there. Mick would agree that I rip as hard as him, right, Mick? Hello, Mick? Well, maybe not just as hard, but real close.—CC

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