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Perpetual Motion By TransWorld SKATEboarding
Perpetual Motion, is the 25th film made by the homies upstairs at TransWorld SKATEboarding. Featuring the four-wheeled genius of Silas Baxter-Neal, Julian Davidson, Jimmy Carlin, Walker Ryan, Josh Matthews, and Tom Remillard—this film is yet another must-see from the legendary John Holland school of skateboard filmmaking. Holland, along with fellow visionary filmer, Chris Theissen deserve some serious accolades for their editing, filming, music choice, and unique view of skating. I’ll be camping out at a skate shop on April 1 to get my copy. Perpetual Motion, TransWorld SKATEboarding film # 25, don’t sleep on it, buy it ASAP!—CC
$19 DVD $25 Blu-ray

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