Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 3-20

Raen Optics
The Garwood By Raen
If I’m not wearing my glasses, I am either asleep, surfing, or in the shower. These days, I not only wear RX glasses, but also RX sunglasses—for the first time in my life my sunglasses are as important to me as my RX glasses. Anyway, the cool part about wearing glasses all the time is you get to play a little bit with face fashion or whatever you want to call them. I like these new Garwood frames by Raen. I haven’t decided yet to make them RX sunglasses or RX clear, then again, if I have it my way, I’ll get one of each! I’m going with the “split tone acetate on Froth and Quartz Tortoise frames”—I’m gonna look fantastic, you probably will too. Try them out at a shop near you.—Chris Coté

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