Camp Shred Goes Off At The Cardiff Campgrounds


Body Glove Wetsuit
Body Glove CT Slant Zip 3/2 Fullsuit
I have a Body Glove CT 2/2 fullsuit that’s a few years old, and I dig it, so it was cool to try out an updated model. It’s made entirely of Magna Flex neoprene, which is super stretchy and comfortable. It’s got minimal seam taping/gluing on the inside, which makes for an incredibly flexible suit. It’s a great suit for shorter surfs in the winter when you want maximum flexibility, and an awesome in between seasons suit when the water warms up but isn’t quite springsuit temp yet. If you’re wanting a suit that’s ultra toasty in the depths of winter, Body Glove’s Vapor or the Prime are great options. If you after a super stretchy suit at a great price ($200 for the 3/2), the CT is a solid call.—CK

West Wetsuits, Lotus 4/3mm fullsuit chest zip
I thought this suit was a 3/2, wore it for an hour (in 59 degree water), was stoked on it, then came in and after peeling it off noticed it was actually a 4/3. That says a lot, because most 4/3s I’ve worn you’d never mistake for a 3/2. It was really flexible, and as you’d expect from West’s top end suit, very toasty. And though I’m more a fan of back zips over chest zips, this one was easy to get in and out of, and felt good all around.—CK

Isurus Wetsuits
i-Elite from Isurus Wetsuits
Rufino from Isurus was a bit under the weather so I didn’t get too close to him, but I tried one of their wetties and the things are sick. What makes their suits stand out from the pack is a unique set of “racing stripes” that have been proven to make you paddle just a bit faster, and think about it, how many times have you missed a wave by a hair? As well, the Yamamoto rubber is insane and of the highest quality. And stay tuned, apparently their new line (Fall 2013) is even better than the current one.

O’Neill Psychofreak 3.5/2.5mm fullsuit
The Psychofreak is at the top of O’Neill’s line, and it shows. It’s got all the bells and whistles, including Technobutter neoprene, which is super flexible, light, and very warm. The water was 59-degrees and I was nice and toasty, no surprise there. But I think this suit could handle a whole lot colder conditions, like most days in San Francisco, where I lived the past two years, where water temps average about 52. Overall this was a very warm, super flexible.—CK

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