Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 3-13

BluKale One-Day Cleanse
Every person I’ve ever seen on a cleanse is irritable, starving, pissed off, and hungry. I vowed never to do a cleanse—that is until I tried my first bottle of BluKale “cold pressed juice”. The flavor alone (and the fact that they offer a one day cleanse) made me think that I could handle it. Judging by the evil shit I put in my body on a daily basis, I needed a cleanse. I just did the one-day version of the BluKale Cleanse last week and while it wasn’t a walk in the park, it was manageable. The five different juices were a nice distraction from my hunger, and the order in which you drink them makes the day go by faster than you’d think, and I did have the energy to put in a two hour surf the day of the cleanse. These juices exercised some of the demons in my loins. Thank you BluKale, someday I’ll step up to the three day, some day.—CC

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