Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-27-2013

Stab Summer Book Issue 63
Stab is fantastic Australian Surf magazine that has a knack for pulling the personality out of typically bland surfers, photographing the world’s best and hottest female surfers in incredibly sexy and beautiful vignettes, and being right on the edge of what is acceptable (they can show nipples and freely curse which is really awesome). Anyway, their standard issues are always hot commodities here at TransWorld SURF, but when their once-a-year book comes out, we have to fist fight for who gets to read it first. This year, I won, and the fight was worth it. The book itself is huge, 12 by 18 inches or something. The photo spreads are rich and saturated with glorious color, and the interviews inside are always a good read. The front cover is Dane shot by John John, the back is Craig Anderson with a tag that reads, “The Outrageous Vanity Of Craig Anderson”—good shit. Great work yet again to the boys at STAB.—CC
$10 AUS

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