Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-27-2013

The Packable Collection by Hershel Supply
My neighbor Simon turned me on to this rad bag company a few months back and out of the blue a variety pack of fantastic bags showed up at my house! All the bags look and feel solid and classy, but my favorite out of the bunch were the packable bags. When I go on trips. I usually have a back pack, a big roller, and a board bag, the backpack has my computer and all the cords and crap in it so using it as a day-to-day bag for carrying around on my trip is a hassle, that’s where the foldable bag comes in handy. Pack an extra backpack in your roller or boardbag, that way you have a perfect daytrip bag for day-to-day usage and you don’t have to pack and unpack your travel backpack every time you go to the beach or whatever. Does that make sense? It should, cause a packable backpack is a damn good idea and from now on I’m not leaving town without one.—CC

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