Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-27-2013

Firewire Spitfire with Technograin technology
I “borrowed” this board from Firewire’s Chuy Reyna this morning and instantly fell in love with it. The wider nose allows you to paddle really well, even on a 5’6”. As well, the thin, tapered down tail makes for a super responsive and ripping little shred sled. Another cool aspect of the Spitfire are the five fin boxes, which gives you the choice between quad, thruster, twin, or five fin set up. I went with the quad setup this morning and the thing was flying down the line like a bat outta hell. The wood wrap finish aka “Technograin” is really cool looking, nearly bullet proof, and for surfboard standards, environmentally friendly. Read more about Technograin technology on the Firewire site.—Justin Coté

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