The North Shore As Seen Through The Lens Of Justin Jay

Greyson Fletcher

Greyson Fletcher. Photo: Justin Jay

Panty Dropper

Greyson Fletcher on fire
In science, there‚Äôs a phenomenon known as the Observer Effect. It states that a scenario is often influenced or affected simply by engaging in the act of observing it. The same can also be true in photography. I try my best to tell a story with my photos. However, if you unnecessarily influence said story by cajoling people or allow them to pose gratuitously for your lens, you usually end up with an image that has lost the genuine moment that you set out to document in the first place. Rest assured, the act of youthful debauchery featured in this photo was not a product of my presence or my prodding lens. I simply happened to catch his eye when this particular moment of mayhem was organically was going down. Greyson Fletcher ruled the North Shore skatepark this season and girls knew it. He has a magnetism that you can’t help but be drawn to. My favorite element of this photo is the Good Samaritan on the left side of the frame casually reaching over as if to say, “Hmm, this scenario just isn’t quite complete. Here, let me grab this G-string for you and help you out with that.”

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